Friday, March 07, 2008

Poor old Stephen Green, head/sole member of charmless bigots Christian Voice. He's not having a great time of things at the moment. First, The Law Lords have ruled that his spat with the BBC and producers of Jerry Springer: The Opera has indeed reached it's end.

The decision of the House of Lords, in conceding that there was a point of law at issue - that of whether theatres and broadcasters have a legal loophole to blaspheme - but declining to hear it on a pretext, brings the Jerry Springer the Opera case to an end. It means there is no redress in British law against those who portrayed Jesus Christ on stage and on the BBC as an infantile coprophiliac, told by the character of Jerry Springer in the show to 'Grow up for Christ's sake and put some f***ing clothes on.' Apparently Jesus Christ, Mary the mother of the Lord and Almighty God may now be ridiculed and insulted on stage and by broadcasters free from the sanctions of the law.

Stephen Green said, 'Contrary to the finding of these Law Lords, it is indeed a matter of great general public importance at this very time that the Almighty Creator of the universe and the Saviour of mankind have been insulted and vilified in this United Kingdom. It brings down the judgment of God on us all. I love my neighbour and I do not want that to happen.

'Christians will now have to take matters into their own hands when Christ is insulted on stage and on screen. As it happens, our campaign against the theatre tour of Jerry Springer the Opera was highly successful, by the grace of God. The producers and theatres lost a fortune and Stewart Lee himself said it was 'ruined'. Blasphemy isn't going to happen on stage in the United Kingdom, it's just that unless and until this loophole is closed, Christians will have to find avenues other than those of the law.

Notice that? If Stephen Green had dark skin then surely the Plod would be feeling his collar and he might expect a visit to Camp X-Ray, seeing as we have a barely coded incitement to violence right there in the third paragraph.

Unfortunately it gets worse for the Christian extremist hate-peddler as, in an as-yet unreported move, the UK blasphemy laws are taken round behind the shed and humanely put down. The National Secular Society celebrate, though the Government will still be trying to bring in the Incitement to Religious Hatred Bill which will do much the same thing. Still, anything that pisses off Stephen Green is a good thing.

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