Thursday, December 06, 2007

Update on the Christian Voice in court story from last month, the charmless bigots have lost their case, The Times reports judges at the High Court ruled that the Theatres Act 1968 prevents any prosecution for blasphemy over public performances of plays, and the Broadcasting Act 1990 prevents any prosecution in relation to broadcasts while Beeb DG Mark Thompson writes in the Telegraph, the first comment on which is from someone called David who says Let's be honest - the BBC is and has been since about the 1930s a socialist/communist front organisation. Unless one is from the ghastly Guardian degenerates then do not apply for a job. It is thus hardly surprising that the disgusting BBC puts out filth and blasphemous programmes. However it is worrying that the legal profession is also tainted with the same sort of hatred of all that is decent in what is left of England. I'm surprised he didn't manage to fit a slam on gays in there too. Anyway, Stephen Green has already said on the Bigot's website that he will be appealing this decision.

I have heard the line that Jerry Springer the Opera was a satire on intrusive and exploitative TV before. The BBC are repeating it in a somewhat self-serving press release this morning.

Are you there pot? It's me, kettle.

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