Saturday, July 05, 2008

In hilarious news, after losing his court case Stephen Green, founder and sole member of charmless bigots Christian Voice, faces declaring bankruptcy in the face of court awarded damages against him. Of course, this sort of thing is never nice to happen to anyone, but then on the other hand Green is a deeply, deeply unpleasant individual.

He's basically arguing that because the BBC and Avalon are so rich they should let him off this money, right after they wasted money defending themselves against his ridiculous time and money-wasting prosecutions in court.

'It should be enough for Mark Thompson and Jonathan Thoday that they got away with blasphemy, insulting God and the Lord Jesus Christ, at least in this life. For these rich, powerful men to pursue me into the bankruptcy courts over money I don't have would be vindictive.'

He links to a petition asking those who have lost money due to the actions of Stephen Green to let him off paying them, there's a second petition calling on the BBC and Avalon to insist on receiving the money in full. The 'please pay' petition has about three hundred more votes so far but the bulk of them seem to be people insulting Stephen.

I wonder if Stephen Green will be picketing Pride this year? If he does, perhaps people could help him out by tossing any coppers they have his way?

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