Saturday, May 31, 2008

Indiana Jones And The Last Attempt to Get a New Card From Barclays

Part One, Part Two.

I got home from work yesterday to find notices of three packages waiting for me at the local Sorting Office that I had to sign for. So I went along this morning, signed my name three times and what do you think I got in return?

Three identical letters from Barclays and three identical debit cards. One from the 23rd of April, one from the 8th of May and one from the 19th of May. So that is presumably the first card I was sent in April, the first replacement they sent after I rang them the first time at the start of March and maybe the second replacement, all mysteriously suddenly coming to light.

Once I got home I phoned up Barclays to find out which of these would work, as the others were cancelled, then went to my nearest Barclays and succesfully withdrew money. So, I have access to cash again. What does worry me, on reflection, is that the last card was sent before last Wednesday, it was even sent before the previous Wednesday where I was told (apparently incorrectly) that I could have a card delivered to me at work. So now I get to wait to see if the card I have now suddenly stops working and whether I get the card that was supposed to be sent to me after I complained last Wednesday.

Then there's the question of where exactly these cards have been for the last six, three and two weeks, and why they've suddenly all been delivered now. The envelopes are all dated and stamped 'Finchley', I don't know if Barclays have a card-processing centre somewhere there, but it makes me wonder whether this whole process over the last two months is due to the incompetence of Barclays, the Royal Mail, or both.

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