Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another Week, Another Different Story From Barclays Bank

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7) Last Wednesday, I went to a branch to take some money out from the counters. I went in a lunchtime, I had some errands to run and my intention was that in the afternoon I would start the process of opening a new account elsewhere. Of course, it being lunchtime there was a long queue and, of course, only two out of a possible five windows were open, so it took a while. Once I finally got to a window and took out my money I explained to the cashier about the whole situation and how I couldn't get the person on the phone to either send the card to a different address or to my branch. The cashier told me that that could be done, but had to be organised in the branch, something Miss Helpful on the phone neglected to tell me. So, we arranged to have it delivered to my work address but, because of the time of day I went in to the bank, plus my working hours, plus the fact they don't do anything on the weekend, PLUS the bank holiday, the earliest they could deliver the card to me at work was yesterday.
8) Hands up anyone who thinks it was delivered to me at work yesterday. Congratulations, you're dumber than Boris Johnson and Shrubya in a sack. But on the bright-side, you're still smarter than myself, who really thought I'd get my card.
9) So, up to my local branch this morning to get more money out. I've pretty much given up on Barclays now, but I have to delay signing up with a new bank for a week because my rent and credit card get paid next week and for my own peace of mind I don't want to risk messing them up by switching, even though I know it would probably be okay. I explained as I took money out my situation again. The lady I spoke to expressed surprise about point seven, because it is NOT Barclays policy to deliver cards to work addresses, ever. All they are empowered to do is have the card delivered to a branch and, surprise surprise, there's nothing on my record to show that the woman last week did anything with my account details after all.
10) So, because I have a week to kill, I've now supposedly ordered my fifth card to be delivered to my local branch. They don't think it will arrive before Monday or Tuesday but that doesn't matter as I couldn't get it before Wednesday anyway.


UPDATE 4:30 PM: 11) I've just been phoned by someone from the local branch. It turns out they can't have the card sent to them for me to pick up. This service has been discontinued because Barclays were having a problem with too many cards being stolen by staff in the branches. So now I'm getting it delivered by registered mail, so at least it should be held in the sorting office round the corner until I come to collect it, unless the posties are stealing credit cards too...

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