Sunday, September 10, 2006

Nirpal Dhaliwal- Watch Part Six.

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five.

How those nasty feminists have ruined Nirpal's life.

Fixated feminists and mad men
Evening Standard (London); Sep 6, 2006

THE novelist Fay Weldon is telling women to fake their orgasms and stroke men's egos, because we're so retarded and in need of encouragement we can't tell the difference. But guys always know how well we've done in bed by the extent women are nice to us the following day.

And women are always happy with Nirpal because he has such a wonderful penis, as evidenced in previous NDWs.

Women who've had their boats floated don't whinge over breakfast about how you forgot to take the trash out the night before.

The more important point is that this latest fuss being made about women's orgasms is another example of the skewed logic and selfobsession that passes for feminism these days.

That's right, worrying about men's fragile egos is an example of female self-obsession. Florence Nightingale in the Crimea? Bloody self, self, self all the time she was mopping up injured soldiers pus.

Men are the ones with the real problems. We are much more prone to be murdered or commit suicide, and we become alcoholics and junkies and succumb to depression and madness at a far higher rate than women. But women are the ones who constantly moan about their lot, despite having made the greatest strides in recent decades.

God bless those Suffragettes!

Men have a real challenge in the modern world, but whenever someone offers the opinion that men need some special consideration, feminist reactionaries will shout them down.

Has someone been drilling holes in that glass ceiling again? That way lies madness I tell thee!

A lot of feminists refuse to concede that men are anything but oppressors, though the prisons and mental institutions are packed full of guys who've completely lost their way.

'... And sometimes killed and raped women' I'm sure you were meaning to point out Nirpal.

These feminists lose sight of the fact that men were the victims of patriarchy too.

Oh, this will be good.

Patriarchy turned men into repressed, stunted Neanderthals who couldn't navigate their emotional problems. Their traditional roles in society disappeared, but men didn't have the psychological wherewithal to reinvent themselves along constructive lines: hence the heavy drinking, violence and enormous levels of mental illness.

Somewhere in there is the glimmerings of a good point struggling to get out. While we look for it, let's compare men like myself feeling emotionally restricted with the woman who has been raped because she dared to wear a skirt that finished above the knee.

Feminists need to look at the difficulties men face too, because it's women who have to deal with the fallout.

Those bloody selfish feminists! Now they're tryin' to take our problems too!

The irresponsibility of mixed-up modern men means that parenting is a task that's largely left to women when men walk out on their families. Because society doesn't define any role for men, a lot of them are happy to play no role at all, even that of father to their kids.

I love how Nirpal tries to suggest that deadbeat dad's are womens fault too.

Perhaps this narrowness stems from the fact that most feminist thinkers pontificate from the cushy position of being educated and middleclass.

They, and the women they're speaking to, have careers and the ability to compensate for the shortcomings of men. They're not trapped on a sink estate trying to raise children on their own and can afford the luxury of being a sanctimonious ideologue.

Where do you live again Nirpal? And you're writing for the Evening Standard, noted friend to the working class.

Feminists talk a lot about " empowering" women, but if that empowerment ends up as little but a fixation with achieving orgasm it seems pretty worthless.

Have you noticed that since the start of this article Nirpal has forgotten that Fay Weldon was saying women should pretend to orgasm to make men feel good and he's managed to mangle it to women unfairly having their own orgasms regardless of what Nirpal does with his magic chopper?

Shouldn't these empowered women be using their greater authority to make the world a better place, for everyone?

So, if there's a branch of S.C.U.M. operating near wherever Nirpal Dhaliwal lives then please consider helping to make the world just that little bit better, please?

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