Saturday, August 12, 2006

Nirpal Dhaliwal - Watch Part Two

More of the same from Nirpal Dhaliwal. This time he tones down the misogyny to give more space to his confused ideas about masculinity and maleness, David Cameron gets a kicking for trying to be a New Man, we have the old Acting nice and caring was once just a ruse, used by ugly guys to get laid. But somehow this lame, wholly contrived persona has become a template for British masculinity. Then it turns out that this is an ethnic thing:

The omega male is generally a white-boy phenomenon. Confronted by the more robust masculinities presented by some black and Asian men, white men have cultivated an extreme effeteness, possibly trying to mark themselves as being more civilised.

See? It's only white guys who would be stupid enough to treat the women in their relationships as equals and that's because we're racist!

Asian men flounder, unable to decide between the enticements and insecurities of western life, and the rigid certainties and comforts of traditional patriarchy. Few know how to integrate the competing elements of their masculinity into an honest, functional whole.

Like Nirpal.

The truth may be that the only women who genuinely find sensitivity and emotional literacy a turn-on are lesbians. They find feminine qualities attractive and are, accordingly, attracted to women. It might be that the typical alpha female is just a repressed, high-power dyke; unwilling to express her homo nature, she instead seeks out feminised men who will make the least sexual demands of her.

Quoted without comment.

Oh, and just so we're clear about this, Nirpal is 100% male.

Unlike omega males, I was confident with my end of the deal: I was young, fit and handsome, and I was giving her a lot of hot sex. She wasn’t going to kick me out. [Emphasis mine].

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