Friday, March 06, 2009

Exhibit Four Hundred and Fifty Billion in 'Why I Have a Problem With Religion'

Christ's fat cock. A nine-year-old Brazilian girl, sexually abused by her father (who also has abused her physically handicapped elder sister) and somehow made pregnant was given a termination. That is where the wonderful Catholic Church steps in as the Archbishop of Olinda and Recife has now announced he's going to excommunicate everyone that was involved in the abortion. Because it's much better that a girl far, far, far too young to be able to bare children be made to go through pregnancy and face the risk of dying or, if not dying, giving birth to twins who would have unguessed congenital problems due to their father and grandfather BEING THE SAME MAN because God loves foetuses more than humans.

Remember this, any time you feel the need, whoever you are, to whine about Atheists being 'mean'.

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