Saturday, December 27, 2008

Culture Secretary Andy Burnham has no idea how the Internet works.

Film-style age ratings could be applied to websites to protect children from harmful and offensive material, [he] has said...

He said some content, such as clips of beheadings, was unacceptable and new standards of decency were needed. He also plans to negotiate with the US on drawing up international rules for English language websites.

Yeah, good luck with that one. I've just finished reading Nick Cohen's Pretty Straight Guys from 2002 and although there are several sections where he drinks deeply from the cup of crazy to lambast everyone who didn't want the US and UK to bomb Iraq to buggery he does have a fairly effective go at the Blair Nineties. And this just reeks of the whole 'let's take hoodies to cashpoints and make them pay the police fines on the spot!' nonsense that one of that crowd proposed way back when.

Knee-jerk nonsense just to grab a few headlines before being quietly abandoned when someone sits the relevent Government minister down and explains how life is in Real Town is no way to run a Government.

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