Thursday, December 11, 2008

After the ridiculous climb-down by Waterstones in the face of of the bankrupt one-man Christian demonstrator Stephen Green, members of the Welsh Assembly have organised a reading of Patrick 'Nicky Wire's brother' Jones for tonight. The charmless bigots, Christian 'No, our membership is bigger than just Stephen Green, sitting in his bedroom, weeping bitter tears at the futility of his life' Voice, are predictably unhappy.

The poems aren't actually much good, they hardly rhyme, they rarely scan or have rhythm, but they possibly have enough profanity and references to female genitalia to get the literati excited. One of them, to which Christians are taking the greatest exception, includes the blasphemous assertion of sex between the poet and someone Jones calls 'mary magdelene' (sic), and Jesus.

Maybe Stephen figures that the best way to pay back the money he owes the BBC for wasting their time is to get a job reviewing poetry on Newsnight Review?

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