Saturday, November 22, 2008

Also, LOLGRIFFIN. I was trying to argue last night, perhaps not entirely convincingly, that were the address of lefties to be accidentally released to the right-wing a certain amount of violence might be expected, when it's the other way round you get sarcastic YouTube and Googlemaps mashups instead.

Still, I found out the other day I live a couple of doors away from someone on that list and, surprisingly, there's only one BNP member in the village I grew up in. I reckon it's just fluff that's been released to try and cover the news that it's been proved that Hitler did, in fact, only have one ball. There is, alas, no news as yet as to whether a thorough search of the Albert Hall has turned up the other one. Considering his father, the dirty bugger, cut it off when he was small, I'm surprised this hasn't been used to divert attention from Haringey's dead babies problem.

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