Monday, August 11, 2008

Madeleine McCann is Bigger Than Jesus!

That's if you misspell 'Jesus' by using a random collection of numbers and letters, but we're in the silly season and I have to fill this blog somehow. Much in the same way as the usual offenders but primarily the Daily Mail (because The Sun is still watching Big Brother in the hopes someone flashes a body part of some description). It seems that Madeleine has been kidnapped to order by Belgian paedophiles or taken by some distraught hippy and is now in the European Union or possibly OUTSIDE the European Union. She has truly become Schrödinger's Kidnap Victim, a waveform of probabilities encompassing the globe which will stay that way until someone collapses the waveform and finds the body, pulse optional.

Septicisle presents a warning from the future of what could lay ahead if the media continue down the path of filling column inches with the most meaningless gibberings of drunk holidaymakers. [via Bloggerheads]

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