Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fathers 4 Justice Drop the H-Bomb on BBC News

Protesters from Fathers 4 Justice camp up on MP Harriet Harman's roof.

Reasons why no-one takes them seriously.

1) No-one looks good in spandex. Have you guys not seen the X-Men movies? It's difficult enough to pull it off when you're under 20, work out and have a massive Hollywood industry airbrushing your every frame. Being a paunchy 40-year-old makes you look like an idiot having a mid-life crisis.
2) Claiming that fathers being denied the access they want to their kids is the biggest injustice since the Holocaust is an incredibly dumb thing to allow yourself to be heard saying on national television. It's an incredibly dumb thing to be heard saying to anyone full stop.
3) Claiming a forty year lineage for your protest in an attempt to gain legitimacy for your movement. Have you tried the "fathers who don't get to control their children are the last group it's sociably acceptable to look down on" argument yet? It's very popular amongst those who can't distinguish between genuine discrimination and privileged minorities losing some of their power.
4) Claiming no other form of protest is open to you. I look forward to Tibetan protesters dressing up as Wonder Woman next time the Chinese Government come to the UK.

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