Saturday, January 19, 2008


IndestructoTank! In a grim and gritty nightmare future where ruthless AI controlled robotic planes of DEATH!!1! have reduced the Earth to a barren terrain where, no matter how far you drive, you always see THE SAME line of hills in the background, only one human has the courage to stand against our would be conquerors. Armed with an indestructable tank that can withstand anything except running out of gas, can you save us from the robotic hoards? Without any kind of bullets or missiles, you, YES YOU, must allow their rockets to blast you in to the air, where using you manoueverability, you can smash from one plane to another, building up a combo chain of carnage as you go.

This is basically more fun than is surely legal in a game like this. It takes about 3.65 seconds to pick up, and then is IndestructoFun all the way!



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