Friday, December 21, 2007

Just about to head out for my secular, non-religious, Christ-hatingz, X-Massss, pausing only to point in a disbelieving manner at this enormous festering bubo of an article in which some fuckwit of a unicycling doctor states (or, in my best Bad Science manner, is reported to believe ) that humour comes from testosterone, because women encouraged him in his unicyclery and men told him he was an arsehole.

"The difference between the men and women was absolutely remarkable and consistent," said Professor Shuster. "At 11-13 years, the boys began to get really aggressive. Into puberty, the aggression became more marked, then it changed into a form of joke. The men were snide." The initial aggressive intent seems to become channelled into a more subtle and sophisticated joke, so the aggression is hidden by wit, explained Professor Shuster.

It's nothing to do with men being correct in thinking you're an arsehole?

Aaah Christmas, I see that the well of real news has been blocked. If I don't see you first, have a great time. I'm off out to try and persuade the Sun to come back.

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