Thursday, December 20, 2007

Brain-damaged pugilistic failure Ricky Hatton claims losing some piddling boxing fight has caused a spontaneous sex-change.

The 29-year-old – knocked out by Floyd Mayweather earlier this month – said: "I feel like a woman at the minute. I can’t stop crying. All that is missing is a pair of t*ts. I feel like my world has come to an end. It is going to take a while for me to get my head round it. Ultimately the biggest fight of my life was the biggest disappointment of my life."

Calm down dear, it's only a pointless and barbaric sport! Just marry a footballer and go on 'Celebrity Big Brother' to be racist at someone, that'll make you feel better.

Several papers are showing 'concern' over Chastity Bono's weight. They express this by printing pictures as she makes the cardinal mistake of appearing in public being larger than Posh Spice.

Meanwhile, no-one mentions the police tasering a black man in the head.

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