Monday, August 27, 2007

So the Book Crossing goes on, in it's way. I think you can see my profile here to see what I've already loaded up there. When my Mother heard I was doing this she hoped I wasn't going to be leaving any books that could get mistaken for suspect packages and get blown up. It's mainly thin paperbacks I'm getting rid of, the bulkiest thing I've got is probably the hardback of Hannibal by Thomas Harris, which arguably should be blown up in the interests of public health. Of course, being a shy and retiring soul I'm anxious not to leave books and then have some well-meaning person call after me "Oy, you've left your book behind!" due to the sheer embarrassment that would involve. Especially if the book they were waving at me was Memnoch the Devil. I would have to kill myself at that point really.



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