Thursday, July 12, 2007

What The Fuck?

A judge in the U.S. has decreed that a woman who is going to be testifying against a man she is accusing of sexually assaulting her is not allowed to use the words 'rape' or 'sexual assault' in her testimony, for fear it will bias the jury against the defendant. Not surprisingly, the defence attorney is delighted.

"Trials should be based on reason and the facts and the law. Not about who can think up the most juicy terms to apply"

Unfortunately an appeal to the state Supreme Court was unsuccessful, though this might be partly because it seems that the woman's attorney can't practice law in that state.

What's next? Do we ban all evidence that someone has committed a crime from trials for fear of biasing the jury? I mean, I may be hopelessly cuddly and liberal but even I can see this is taking the piss.

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