Monday, July 02, 2007

Music Blah Flowers - What I Have The Recently Added on my iPod Edition.

Bought this when it first came out, came across the single the other day, on it goes!

It's actually 'Are You Experienced?' but all you get on YouTube is guitarists showing you their licks, so I'll make do with the Battlestar Galactica song. Heh heh...

Have I mentioned I'm having a bit of a Boo Radleys thing this year? Personally I blame Phonogram but whilst rumaging in an Oxfam shop near Angel tube station I found a copy of Kingsize which then encouraged me to load Martin Carr's anti-New Labour solo album Advertisements For Myself onto the Pod and buy a copy of Giant Steps which has the above track 'Lazarus' and, it seems, Sice with hair!

The weird thing is, The Bad Seeds bore the pants off me. I do remember that several times I did try to get into their music and found the sound of paint drying a more interesting aural experience, it was so tedious that I can't actually recall which albums I tried but Grinderman is their first project that I enjoy. Warren Ellis gets annoyed when he's mistaken for Warren Ellis though. As well he might.

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