Sunday, July 22, 2007


Yes, even Alan Moore is enjoying the last Harry Potter book.

Oh shut up , that's the last time I'll be able to use that joke...

So, the boxes turned up at work on Friday, with strict instructions that we weren't to open them or put the books out until Saturday, so we were stricken by existential doubt, what if we opened the boxes and the books weren't there? Still, on Friday night I slept the sleep of the just, unlike the poor sods who had to work at midnight at another library for the Potter party for the children who wanted to be the first to get the book at a minute after midnight. I heard one child, on receiving his book, turned immediately to the back page to find out what happened. Well done J.K., six hundred and six pages of work and the child is going to ignore six hundred and five of them. Mind you, in order to see how many pages my copy had I've just mini-spoiled it for myself and now know at least one of the major characters that's making it to the end of the book. Damn. Still maybe he/she has all their limbs chopped off along the way.

So we had a dozen copies of the children's edition of The Deathly Hallows and three copies of the adult version. Personally I've never seen the point of the adult versions with their deliberately boring and non-specific covers. If you are ashamed to be seen in public with a copy of the book with the cover for children then you shouldn't be reading it! And what, you think people aren't going to see the words J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter and the Final Cash-In on the boring cover of your 'adult version'? Or perhaps, has J.K. Rowling edited the adult version so that Harry is actually a smack addict who can't get it together to fight Lord Voldemort because he thinks the carpet is trying to eat him? Is Hermione unable to help him because Ron got her pregnant during the Summer holiday and she's now down the Muggle housing office?

Anyway, I've got my copy, of the Children's Edition natch, and will see if I can finish it before some insensitive bastard tells me the end (I was going to say 'ruins it for me there' but then realised that would imply that I actually care about this at-best competently written kid's story). All our copies in the Library were issued by the time we closed yesterday.

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