Saturday, July 14, 2007

The EnnWiiTee has an article on the Arizona Library that's dropped Dewey and wouldn't you know it, the manager is becoming an anti-Dewey evangelist. I do wish the article spent a little less time mentioning out-dated stereotypes that don't apply anyway to the library (how long is it since most public libraries relied on card catalogues as their primary method of locating books?) and more time on how stuff is ordered, it does suggest that when books are returned they are just dumped on the first empty shelf in the relevant area, which will make looking for guide books for certain countries fun.

Actually, I would suspect that bookshops like Barnes and Noble do classify their stock so that people working in the shop can find them, what they don't do is tell the public what the classifying is, so that you just have a row of shelves with the travel books in order, so this is potentially just the spirit of Dewey without the numbers on the spine of the book.

Still daft though.

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