Saturday, April 29, 2006

Cockpies. It's a bank holiday weekend and no suprise, the weather for tomorrow and Monday is forecasted to be 'shitty'. So, as today may be the only dry day I'm busy with stuff to do. Doing some lunch right now, then I intend to head down to Tate Britain to catch the Gothic Nightmares exhibition before it closes on Monday. I did go down for Alan Moore's talk but didn't look around then, then managed to forget.

This morning I gave my little patch of back garden it's first mow of the year. That'll probably start my hayfever off (my nose is itching already, so it's either on it's way or I've turned into Samantha from Bewitched and no-one has told me). Now there's a red-red-robin bob-bob-bobbing around on the lawn looking for worms. I don't really have the patience for gardening, plus I have a slight disagreement with my neighbours and parents over what is technically a weed and what is a flower. If it's pretty, it stays. Mind you, my neighbour insists that was is now a small tree is actually a weed, so what does he know?

I now have an Oyster Card which is useful. However, at the moment they don't have a function on the website to see the journey's you've made on it, which means I can't use it for work travel and have to buy tickets the old fashioned way. When I phoned up today to check about how much had been deducted I was told they were working on it but it was for some reason quite difficult to do. If banks and credit card companies can give you itemised bills, if BT can give you a list of all the numbers you've phoned and if the person I talked to was able to call up a list himself, what's causing the hold-up transferring it to a web-page?

The Charles Clarke story rumbles on. With all that's happening I suspect Tony Blair must be hoping to reach a point where all the bad news matches and cancels itself out, maybe if the story about John Prescott having sex with someone in his office gets a little worse (and heaven knows, just getting as far as 'Prescott having sex' is pretty severe) it'll cancel out Charles Clarke letting loads of people out he shouldn't have. But then, what's going on here? It's giving the press a story in which they get to attack three sets of people, the Government, criminals and foreigners. Now, it's not that the Home Office went around looking for a thousand hardened nonces and murderers to let out early. These were people that were released from prisoner after serving their time. Most of them for non-violent offences. They aren't allowed to work while having their immigration application be dealt with and if crime equals an automatic deportation what are they supposed to do?


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