Sunday, March 26, 2006

Alan Moore at Tate Britain yesterday was fun. TB were visibly caught off-guard by how many people turned up to see The Bearded Sage of Northampton, they had to move everything into the biggest space in the exhibition for his talk, which was only about thirty-five minutes long. They thought they were just getting a bloke in to talk. Moore was very entertaining, his talk was mainly about how the 'imaginary' world of our thoughts is real, just a different real to the world of this computer and this desk. He discussed Fuseli and Blake in passing, that Blake's poor physical world didn't matter to him too much because of his bright internal one, he talked about the shaman that called on Superman to help him out and how comic books weren't really following the Blakean tradition except perhaps in the single case of Jack Kirby's work.

So yes, that was fun. I didn't actually look round the exhibition as it was far too crowded and busy, I'll go back for that some time in the next few weeks.


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