Sunday, August 02, 2009

This article is classic Liz Jones, even though it's being written by someone else. There is just that indefinable something about her that, as the details of her sad life are laid out before us once again, just as we start to feel sorry for her there is some hateful detail that derails the whole process. She does it to herself, she does, and that's what really hurts... She has a clutch of emotional issues which, when turned inwards, help sustain her as an anorexic, low self-esteem and a feeling that she is unlovable. But they are also projected outwards into how she views everyone so that there's no real understanding or empathy when she hurts other people (such as calling her sister an 'alcoholic'). If the cliché for comedians is that they are crying inside then the cliché for Liz Jones is that she writes about beauty and beautiful things because inside she's aware of her own ugliness.

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