Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wall, 'Seizure' by Roger Hiorns

Wall, 'Seizure' by Roger Hiorns, Harper Road Newington
Originally uploaded by Loz Flowers
Artangel are reopening Roger Hiorns 'Seizure' in Newington. It was originally open before Christmas so at least now as you queue for three hours to see it the weather will be warm and you can try for heatstroke instead of frostbite.

I must say I wasn't that impressed when I went to see it, not least because Hiorns copper sulphate solution budget ran out after doing what was probably the bedroom and the bathroom leaving the large main room and kitchen untouched, also that the rooms had been emptied of furniture before all this so visitors were looking at crystals growing on bare walls. Sure it's pretty and you have to admire the process but it was somewhat underwhelming and I doubt time has added much to the charm.

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