Sunday, May 03, 2009

News International, Inciting Murder and Paedophile Attacks Again

I'm not well-inclined towards Gary Glitter, his behaviour since his fall from grace would suggest he's fairly unrepentant about being a paedophile but when he's got News International following him around what likelihood is there of him changing? He's fled the country once after all. This article, like a lot of the drivel put out by the spawn of Murdoch, is difficult to justify journalistically.

Parents should study our pictures well. For the child abuser - who is on the sex offenders register - is still a constant danger and threat to innocent kids.

Yes, parents who live in Brighton, Birmingham, Cardiff or Newcastle need to be informed about this London-based paedophile. And what evil, paedophilic things has he been doing?

* LEERING at pretty young waitresses.
* EXPLOITING his hearing problem to get them leaning in close.
* ATTEMPTING to pick up young women on the street.
* STAGGERING home drunk and trying to lure young people up to his flat.

So, behaving like most blokes you see out on the street then. Of course, the NotW has no proof that Glitter has been after any children, the best they can manage is

He left the shop alongside two young Asian girls - one in white socks and school uniform the other clutching a cuddly toy.

But they are clearly nothing to do with him, on such evidence almost everyone in the world is a paedophile. Their insistence that evil Glitter has disguised himself as Rolf Harris, complete with a photo of Rolf so you can compare and contrast, is the only amusing part of the story.

But this is all unjustifiable plop of the worst kind. Paedophiles are to NotW what the MMR vaccine is to the Daily Mail, an excuse for the worst kind of non-stories ignoring all the research that children are most often abused by family members. Best case reading? News International want a reader who happens to live where Glitter lives now to kill him. Worse case, Glitter goes underground with no reason not to start attacking children. The NotW openly appeals for murder. Is this how our media should really work?

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