Friday, May 22, 2009

In the continuing MP expenses scandal we've had them either apologise or look confused at the idea that they've done anything wrong. Now retiring MP Anthony Steen. member of Parliament for the constituency of fatcatlandshire has decided to try a new tactic, stick two fingers up and claim that MPs have a right to steal the public's money and if they think that's bad they're just jealous.

I think I have behaved impeccably. I have done nothing criminal. And you know what it's about? Jealousy. I have got a very, very large house..." A very, very large house in the country. "We have a wretched Government here that has completely mucked up the system and caused the resignation of me and many others, because it was this Government that introduced the Freedom of Information Act and it is this Government that insisted on the things which caught me on the wrong foot." Damn this Government for passing a law that has enabled me and my colleagues to be caught out being venal! That's not how it works! "What right does the public have to interfere in my private life? None. Do you know what this reminds me of? An episode of Coronation Street. This is a kangaroo court."

This is the gift that keeps on giving.

His outburst embarrassed Tory chiefs, who fear that continuing disclosures about wealthy MPs apparently milking the expenses system has undermined attempts to modernise the party's image. They warned him to stay silent in future – or become the first Tory to be stripped of the party whip over the expenses scandal.

Within hours he had issued an abject apology, saying: "I was so deeply upset with the situation, which resulted in me overreacting. I am sorry that in the heat of the moment I said inappropriate things... about the Freedom of Information Act, which I entirely support."

So, still not apologising for stealing money from the public then.

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