Sunday, November 30, 2008

I have a few issues with The Prodigy, as they are one of the most unconvincing 'fuck you I won't do what you tell me' anti-authoritarian outfits ever, if George Formby ever lost it for a moment on stage and dropped a 'bollocks' into 'When I'm Cleaning Windows' he'd still be harder and more street than The Prodge. And I was also unimpressed by Liam Howlett's determination to only turn out shit music after (or, some might justifiably argue, during) The Fat of the Land because it was terrible about how so many people liked their music and they'd never wanted to be popular and wah wah wah wah BOLLOCKS! Still, after years in the wilderness releasing stuff that would have even Prince tutting about quality control it seems that things might have changed. Firestarter residuals not being what they were and that All Saints reunion not really working Liam probably needs to start courting the public with decent tunes to get the money in again.

Invaders Must Die is actually a fun track, no great musical departure but then not Baby's Got a Temper (And We're Making No Effort Whatsoever). The video with Noel Clarke tromping round the Essex coastline and re-enacting The Wasp Factory is a laugh too, enhanced by the fact that The Prodigy barely appear in it at all. Happy days!

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