Sunday, September 28, 2008

This made me angry. "I'm a man trying on make-up, oh noes, I hope this doesn't make me lose my balls AND become an gay!"

This made me happy. Many of yesterday's lots were withdrawn after failing to reach their reserve. Collectors who recently paid six-figure sums for Banksy's subversive and cheeky stencilled works will also be nervously looking over their shoulders after experts claimed his poor showing yesterday meant the bottom had fallen out of his market... Other dealers were less forgiving. "He's just destroyed his own market," one said. "These works are cast iron Banksy. There is no doubt about it. Banksy's people object to Vermin and refuse to authenticate them themselves. Maybe he wanted to do it on purpose. But they are bad business people and very difficult and awkward to deal with."

I'm sure Banksy will be weeping at the prospect of it all being over.

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