Friday, August 08, 2008


I've seen at least two news reports in the last twenty-four hours (Newsnight last night and one of the daily papers this morning) that seemed to express amazement, AMAZEMENT I say, that China hasn't become a democratic paradise with the opening of the Olympics. Drawing a discreet veil over the U.S.'s continuing cute belief that they have the right to talk about human rights to anyone anywhere, is anyone really surprised? Was anyone thinking that the 1936 Games would be a chance for the countries of the world to persuade Germany to move aside from their policy of being Nazi fuckheads? No-one was asking if the 1996 Games might encourage the United States to throw it all in and give Communism a try.

Still, who knows, maybe in 2012, with a little encouragement, the United Kingdom might be finally ready to join the ranks of the civilised nations, if there are any other countries worthy of the name by then.

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