Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's pretty impressive to have an MP with which I agree totally on one particular subject act like such an enormous arse about it. David Davis, despite being a Tory who thinks we should bring back capital punishment, is normally surprisingly accurate in his criticisms of the Government's bizarre desire to take away our freedoms in order to keep them somewhere safe while assuring us that the restrictions they are replaced with are twice as slimming and comes in a variety of colours.

But why exactly did he feel the need to go off the reservation big time and go for the vanity shot? Resigning as an MP in order to force a by-election in his constituency, then standing for the seat, then claiming it's a referendum on the Government's security laws is ridiculous. His constituency, Haltemprice and Howden, has been a safe Tory seat for at least thirty years, possibly longer. If the seat couldn't be taken in 1997, when there were major fungal infections more popular than Conservative politicians, then what chance would Labour have when they are trailing the Tories in national polls? A by-election is not a referendum, in a referendum I get to express my opinion whereas in this by-election I don't, so claiming that it matters to anything outside of Davis' ego is just foolish.

However, the fact that Labour didn't announce within the first day that they weren't going to submit themselves to a completely unnecessary kicking which puffs up Davis AS WELL AS the predictable abuse they will get from the press makes me wonder whether they have become completely detached from reality. Are they really thinking "Hmmm, maybe we could win in a distorted by-election in a safe Tory seat to the incumbent"?

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