Friday, May 30, 2008

What The Aluminium Coated Fuck?

The Drug and Alcohol Service for London want an advertising campaign for their services, targeting women especially. They go to TBWA-London. I can only assume that everyone in both organisations is suffering from their own massive substance abuse issues because they decided upon this, photograph a man in bad-make-up/photoshop his face on to a woman's head, and then go for the hilarious 'if you drink like a man then you may end up looking like one'

The press and poster campaign is based on the belief that women are more likely to revise their drinking habits to preserve their looks than to maintain good health.

So, women are vain creatures, alcohol causes most of the main characteristics of SRS (F-to-Ms reading, take notes then head down the offie for that special offer they're doing on Special Brew) and there are fewer funnier images than a man dressed as a woman.

And that is why creative people are scum.

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