Saturday, May 03, 2008

Mandarin Duck, Hampton

Mandarin Duck, The Woodland Gardens, Bushy Park
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To escape the disappointments and blows to fortune of the morning and, as I finally had a nice day for what seemed like the first day in too long, I decided to escape to Outer London.

I was following a London Walks podcast but was brought to the delightful Woodland Gardens, a fenced off section of Bushy Park, near Hampton Court Palace. With a two hour journey each way I doubt I'll be heading there that often but if you're in the South-East of London, visiting Hampton Court Palace perhaps, I suggest you pop over the road from the back door and check Woodland Gardens out. I saw what Wikipedia believes to be Mandarin Ducks and Egyptian Geese which I don't believe are overly common over here and there are probably many other species that are exotic to someone raised on a visual diet of pigeons, starlings and robins.

Enjoyed that so much I didn't bother going into the Palace itself. Let's save that for another day...

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