Friday, March 28, 2008

The weather has been douche-tastically poor in recent weeks. We actually had a mild and clear January, but March has felt as though it was always raining, even when it wasn't. Last weekend we ran the gamut, hail on Easter Friday, rain on Saturday, snow on Sunday and the odd sunny moment interspersed with the rest. It's also, in defiance of common sense, got colder as the year has progressed, I barely needed the central heating at New Years, now it seems as though it's on all the time.

Anyway, Portishead! I'm looking forward to the release of the album I'd given up hoping for at the end of next month. Having listened to a download there's no real clunkers that jump out, though at the same time only a few that stand out as being amazing. Machine Gun, which quaintly is apparently being released as a single, is my most immediate favourite, for most of it's duration cleaving to a minimalist ethic which reminds me of Tricky's Poems from way back in the last decade.

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