Sunday, March 02, 2008


More to come, including part two of 'why comics are shit', but my family is coming up to London with the mistaken belief that I was aware they were going to do so, so I have to leave in half an hour to go meet them at one of the few stations which are open to both train and tube this weekend.

For now, just a quick note on Derek, the film by Isaac Julien about Derek Jarman. It's very good, I could have happily sat through something that was twice the length so it didn't feel quite so rushed. I could have done without the shots of Tilda Swinton walking through modern-day London talking about how boring it all is these days, as though you couldn't move in eighties London for laudanum and bumming. Tilda, you want to talk about boring films? You did Vanilla Sky and Constantine, so please be quiet.

You can see Derek and Blue at the Serpentine Gallery exhibition, though be prepared to go for a walk around the Park if you miss the times they are showing the film. Annoyingly they don't have this up on the website and while the dozen or so pieces of Jarman's art are good, I doubt they can hold your attention for the hour or more you may have to wait.

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