Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Well, I've begun the process of dumping my old ISP and going to a new one. Even though I should be able to sign up with my new provider within 10 days and my subscription to my old takes 30 days notice to come into effect I am half-expecting to be stranded without broadband for a short while. I wouldn't be dumping them if their customer service was any good would I?

I signed up with Freeserve for their Broadband service and didn't have any problems. Then after a while they were bought out by Wanadoo. I still didn't have any problems. Then a year or two back they were bought out by Orange. Suddenly my modem wouldn't connect for hour long periods most days (to be fair that has subsided in the last six months), e-mails wouldn't be received from this account until days later in some cases, and e-mail lists that I'd been happily subscribed to for years were suddenly giving me bounce reports. And whenever I phoned Orange technical support I was flat out told that any problems I had were caused by the rest of the Internet, not them.

And when I visited my parents my Dad showed me the latest review of Broadband ISPs where Orange had slipped from a previous position of three quarters of the way down the list to the bottom in terms of quality of service, user satisfaction and quality of support. So that clinched it, Orange are a crap ISP and it's time to jump ship from this barely-floating rubbish heap.

So really I should have done this this time last year, although I was a little preoccupied with other stuff and didn't want the hassle. So I phoned Orange tonight and quit, tomorrow morning I will phone the ISP I have chosen and hopefully sign up with them and all will be well in the eternal land of milk and pixies.

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