Monday, December 17, 2007

Polishing the Shiny Monkey in the Audio Cockpit

Can I interest Sir/Madam/Both/Neither/Ostrich in some audio fiction? What would take SiMaBoNO's fancy?

How about something in the 'is evil an inherent or learned behaviour' vein? I have an Me and My Shadow by Mike Resnick. It's all the rage, down our way. Or perhaps something a little more traditional SiMaBoNO? Don't turn your nose up please, when you've tried our Stu by Bruce McAllister you won't go to anyone else again.

Or perhaps SiMaBoNO wants something a little bit stronger? I have a Connecting Door by Richard E. Dansky tapping into that situation we've all faced at sometime in our life, with too-thin walls separating us late at night from some inconsiderate person and, in true horror style, suggesting that asking them to keep the noise down might be a bad idea. Or maybe SiMaBoNO would rather try Memories of the Knacker's Yard by Ian Creasey, in which a world weary cop has to visit ghost-town to find the victim of a serial killer in the hopes they can tell him who killed them. A fine vintage, as I'm sure SiMaBoNO would agree.

Pardon? You want what ? I think SiMaBoNO has us mistaken for another establishment, We don't do any of that here, the vitamin C from the Kiwi Fruit can cause a burning sensation for hours afterwards. I think SiMaBoNO will find SiMaBoNO's needs more adequately served at an establishment like Air Out My Shorts, down on the left, just past the Hooting Yard. If you pop into the pub and check down the back of the Starship Sofa I've heard they are podcasting Michael Moorcock fiction. And if SiMaBoNO can't find something out of all that to satisfy SiMaBoNO then there's just no helping some people.

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