Monday, November 26, 2007

This Won't be Pretty...

Someone, for no apparent reason, has decided to revisit the whole Dave Sim/misogyny controversy. The site doesn't appear to have any archives so this link won't point to the same column after the 2nd of December, but the signs don't look positive.

The same people who were carrying Dave Sim on their shoulders in triumphant jubilation just a few short years before, are now crying "Crucify him!" at every opportunity. Who Dave terms "Marxist-Feminists", these people have become the injured parasites themselves, as if their hearts were broken by what they perceive as Dave’s betrayal of them and their values. Yet it has nothing whatsoever to do with the comic itself, but rather with Dave’s published Ideas and Ideals, which stand in complete opposition to what many of these people hold sacred; and these, who I term the "Dave Lonely Hearts Club" members, strike back at him much as any woman scorned would. They have "banded together" to refer to him as "misogynist" at any opportunity, knowing full well that the perpetual use of that pejorative would and will continue to damage his professional reputation…even though it’s not an accurate label at all. They also call him "insane", not because he is, but because it is so much easier to dismiss him than it is to dismiss his Ideas. It is more than just a "minority viewpoint" to them; it’s a Dangerous Idea that must be eliminated at all costs.

Make no mistake, Dave Sim shook up the comics world in many ways, but none were more profound or eye-opening, or caused more contempt, than his revelations about the Female gender, and the effect that Marxist-feminism has had, and is having, on our current society.

The self-proclaimed "Pariah King of Comics" has indeed been shunned by the comics industry, and in the next few columns, I’d like to explore the amazing comic that is READS, and talk about the truths Dave revealed, and how the Marxist-feminists battled him every step of the way. Stay tuned!

Oh dear...

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