Thursday, November 22, 2007

Feelin' Mean.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Stop [sic] making gcses [sic] a necsessity [sic] to get into college so home-educated people like myself can attend colleges.

I've been home-educated for 3 years due to bullying and because of being home-schooled i airnt [sic] been able to take my gcses [sic]. Its [sic] now hard for me to get into college. I think colleges should have a entry exam for home-schooled people instead of banning us completly [sic] from going college.

It's mean and hypocritical of me to laugh at the mistakes of another, if you believe the news reports this person has managed better than most school children, four whole sentences without lapsing into txtspk. But really, if you're going to try and prove you're smart, use a spellchecker.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Put Free Masonry on the National Curriculum for all Britains Schools.

Making the topic of Free Masonry compulsory in Religious Education, will help promote tollerance towards The Ancient practise of Free Masonry and the Temple of Solomon's connections to The All Seeing Eye.

Already signed by Secretive, Decietfull, lying Craft-Led by the "father of Lies"& continues to damage people and Show-boating, 'oh look i'm a freemason y'know' twaddle. No intolerance - most just not interested! who must be hell to introduce to people at parties.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to allow laser hair removal to be available for free on the NHS for the Transgendered.

Laser hair removal is an absolutely necessary step for all people born transsexual/transgendered who wish to live their life as a female. Currently this treatment is only available in the private sector and usually costs around £3000 for the entire body. We the undersigned believe this to be completely unfair as the vast majority of people born with this condition do not have the financial resources for this treatment. We pay huge amounts of tax for free treatment on the NHS, however the male-to-female transgendered community is being discriminated against because the treatment we require most is not available on the NHS.

Hmmm, do female-born-women get free laser hair removal on the NHS? Admittedly they may not get it as thick or prevelent as men but I'm sure it's not a concern of just the transsexual female?

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Remove Ian Blair as Commisioner of Police for London.

In the light of the finding of guilt against the Metropolitan Police in the shooting of a young Brazilian man on Health and Safety grounds, and his incompetent handling of the matter, Sir Ian Blair ought to be dismissed if he will not resign.

I'm in two minds about this. While Blair needs to go the rest of his team seem to have been forgotten, Cressida Dick botched it up, the armed officers on the ground made a pigs ear of it and then someone tried to cover up the whole affair and smear the victim with fabrication after fabrication about his behaviour.

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