Thursday, November 01, 2007

Biiiiig fine for evil soldier funeral-picketing anti-gay fundamentalist fucks.

A church whose members cheered a soldier's death as "punishment" for US tolerance of homosexuality has been told to pay $10.9m (£5.2m) in damages...

Last year they caused outrage when they attended the funeral of Matthew Snyder with signs reading "Thank God for dead soldiers" and "You're going to hell".

On Wednesday, the jury ordered the church and three of its leaders to pay $2.9m in compensatory damages, and an additional $8m for invasion of privacy and for causing emotional distress...

Albert Snyder sobbed when he heard the verdict. "I hope it's enough to deter them from doing this to other families. It was not about the money. It was about getting them to stop," he said, according to Reuters news agency...

"It will take the 4th Circuit of Appeals a few minutes to reverse this silly thing," said Rev Phelps.

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