Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mark Thomas went to the Defence Systems and Equipment International, got countries that had always denied it to admit to torture and got turned away. The Daily Mail sent a reporter to fondle the big guns and have his photo taken with naked women. He got in. He celebrates in the glorious name of 'Robert Hardman' (Same Robert Hardman who was a chairman of Cambridge University Conservative Association? Probably not, don't mind me Lorraine, just Googling names again.)

Daily Mail readers are a funny lot. They believe, on the lack of any evidence, that scrounging Eastern European scum are coming to steal benefits from this country. They believe that the BBC are pinko subversives out to transform this country into the U.S.S.R. A lot of them seem to think that if you don't support hanging as a punishment for wearing a hoodie then you're a crazy bleeding-heart liberal. Surprisingly, they draw the line at being an arms manufacturer.

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