Monday, August 06, 2007


House With Bricked-Up Windows, 17 Gordon Place Kensington
House With Bricked-Up Windows, 17 Gordon Place Kensington
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My legs ache for some reason. I blame the heat. I was following the London Walk round the Campden Hill/Holland Park/Kensington area and had intended to follow that with one that goes along the top end of Hyde Park but in the end had to give up and head home. I'm not in pain, just stiff. I suppose that just shows I'm not a young man any more ;).

Tomorrow, lunch with a couple of the women from where I used to work (nothing too exciting, it'll probably be the greasy Chinese restaurant over the road) and then probably a film in the afternoon, there are several I vaguely fancy seeing in the cinema even though I hear they aren't that good (Simpsons, Transformers, I hear that Earthsea looks pretty but the actual storyline has been truly bollocksed with), then on Wednesday afternoon my friend S is up from Brighton so we'll hopefully be able to meet.

Thursday and Friday I'm back at work, then it's down to my parents for a couple of days for the get together of the clan on my Father's side of the family. And before I forget, my thoughts and sympathy go out to Patrick and his family...

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