Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tremble puny humans, your God/dess is angry. Oh yes in fuck she is.

So I awoke, as is the fashion, and had spent a while rereading my Phonogram issues (I was surprised to realise there was a scene about halfway through that I'd forgotten, thus rendering half of the climax unintelligible, so it was nice to read that as though new, and get a whole new appreciation for the last chapter). In a pleasant frame of mind I turned on my computer and connected to the Webternets to see if there were any developments in the cretins trying to detonate parts of London story.

But then there's this, the latest salvo in the Daily Mail War Against Muslims (Well, Anyone Whose Family Hasn't Been Living in the UK for About Five Hundred Years Really). The article, magistrate walks out in the middle of a court case because the defendant was wearing a niqab. In the case of the teaching assistant last year I personally felt that wearing a niqab when you're supposed to be helping kids to learn to read wasn't particularly helpful but that's not the case here. It's the comments on this article that really got my goat, full of unhidden racism and blatant stupidity, such as Mike from Cyprus who asks how can [The Magistrate] be sure it is the defendant under the veil. Or Fred James who, I can reveal, is mistaken when he says No-one wearing a mask would be allowed in court so what's the difference? I thought we lived in a Christian country but perhaps I was mistaken?

I hope all these shits had really big plans for today which have been ruined by the heavy rain.

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