Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I can persuade George Bush on climate change says Blair
. Yes, because Shrubya obviously holds you in high regard and is amenable to persuasion. If Bush has changed his mind it'll be because he wants to do it, not because of you 'Yo' Blair.

PC brigade ban pin-ups on RAF jets - in case they offend women and Muslims. Cue usual catcalls of 'it's political correctness gone mad', 'how do I apply to leave this country', 'I'm a woman and I don't find this offensive therefore my opinion can be taken to count for all women and Muslims in the UK' and so on. Sadly my suggestion that these pictures get banned not because they are offensive but because they are tacky and have we suddenly started employing fourteen year olds to fly planes who feel a desperate need to plaster the softest of soft-core pron over their aircraft has not made it past the Daily Mail censors. Not that, surely, is political incorrectness gone maaaaaad?

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