Friday, June 15, 2007

Elisabeth Lee was Tryed for Robbing one John Veale in the King's High-way, a Child about the Age of five Years, in Stepney Parish, on the 13th of May of a Rasey Stuff Coat, value 5 s. The Child happening to straggle abroad alone into the Fields, the Prisoner met him, and stript him; and one who went to seek the Child, met the Prisoner, and saw the Child's Coat under her Apron, which she knew very well; The Fact was plainly proved, so she was found Guilty .

She was sentenced to transportation, which is just typical of these namby-pamby pinko judges, why do we pay our taxes, you can't step out of your own front door without being Robbed by Varlets.

The proceedings of the Old Bailey, London 1674 to 1834. Great fun for dipping into.

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