Sunday, May 13, 2007

Come on, what do you think a group blog by Daily Telegraph readers is going to be like? Wonder no longer...

David Cameron frustrates me... He... says that people should stopping using the words “Islamist terrorists” because it apparently stigmatizing all muslims. He said that IRA terrorists were never called “Catholic terrorists” because if they had been called such, it would have been a disaster... There are a handful of moderate muslims who are happy to condemn the extremists in their communities. But there are not enough.

So the UK entry for Eurovision was saved the ignominy of nil point by its few European friends left in Ireland & Malta... Cast Terry Wogan and the dead hands at the BBC aside and let another public broadcaster like Channel 4, or even Sky (yes Sky) be given the reigns to enhance the image of the UK in Europe.

Can you imagine someone calling you from your local bank and introducing himself with: 'I have had a stroke and this is why I speak with a foreign accent.'? Its not a scam or fiction. Its just a Birmingham guy (should I say a dumb Birmingham guy?) called Richard Murray as reported BBC yesterday. I as shocked to read that this 30 years old guy had a stroke and lost the power of speech. Now he speaks with a heavy foreign accent. I don’t think this is a problem. He should be glad to be able to speak after a stroke. Even more: He should be glad to be alive. However he seems very worried for being different... Don’t bother Mr. Murray. Next time you have a stroke, maybe you will lose your voice so accents (whatever they from) shouldn’t be a problem anymore for you, should they?

The prophecy about Christ is the most important one in the Old Testament; so is the prophecy about Antichrist in the New Testament. The Jews failed God then. Would Christians fail Jesus now?

I've always been puzzled regarding our politicians falling over themselves to integrate us deeper and deeper into the EU. To be honest, I never understood what the attraction was. The Treaty of Rome, the Maastricht Treaty etc etc.......means SFA to me, to be honest. As far as I can see, we don't seem to get much, if any, benefit at all from being members of the EU. We seem to pay billions upon billions into the Brussels coffers, and all we seem to get back is yet more lunacy in the form of useless and trivial legislation... I'd much prefer it if we could stop throwing all our money into the EU, and tell Brussels that they can stuff their membership. What are they going to do? Invade us? Do me a favour. I want my country back. My England that I grew up being so proud of.

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