Friday, October 20, 2006

Xenu TV, for all your Anti-Scientology needs.

Line Rider. Not quite a game, draw a slope and watch a guy sled down it.

Doctor McNinja. He's a doctor, who's also a ninja.

How to Die.

Oh what a day. There are few things as enjoyable as finding out someone hasn't come to work ten minutes before you open the doors to the public than perhaps ten minutes after. And when my manager said that we had enough staff to cover, then not realising two of the members of the staff we had only started working for us last week... Still, I didn't mind working four hours without a break. No, really. And why is it the lady I helped that's going to make a complaint about me and not the guy I couldn't give an answer to? You'd think that after thirty years of hanging round I'd start to understand them just a little bit?

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