Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ten years ago Babylon 5 had a tyrannical Earth President who had illegally captured the position and kept it by inciting his people to hate those that were different and insisting aliens wanted to destroy their way of life.

Watching the first episode of the third season of Battlestar Galactica and it seems they've gone one better, they're basing it on the US/UK invasion of Iraq. BG lost a lot of fans with the decision to have the 'rag-tag fleet' settle down on a new planet and then jump forward a year, but after a Cylon invasion in the last minutes of the second season this looks like it'll be a great story-telling idea. We're now three or four months into the Cylon invasion and, while Adama and son spin their wheels in deep space, Colonel Tigh has gone all Al Zarqawi on us, a one-eyed, white-bearded Resistance leader, sending men to suicide-bomb Cylons in the hopes that this will drive them away.

It would be easy, because we know the Cylons are evil, to whitewash the humans actions. But the Cylons have themselves been humanised, they're bringing 'the word of God' to the humans and we also know they can't be killed while humans can, for a show that tends to look at the consequences of people's actions I suspect Tigh is going to be in some deep shit later on.

This is excellent.

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