Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Professional Whinge

If you're waiting for my opinion of Nirpal Dhaliwal's TV show the other week, Why Being Brown Fucking Rocks, I haven't watched it yet and I have a sneaking suspicion I'm not going to bother. It has Julie 'Tickle Me Elmo' Burchill on in the first five minutes for God's sake.

Anyway, on reading the latest dead tree publications from my professional association, CILIP I see they have rebranded their membership department as 'CILIP membership: an investment in your professional future'. Which is handy as it allows them to abrogate any responsibility for doing anything today.

How it was developed.
Step 1. Creation of a market research brief.
Step 2. Appointment of a professional market research company - Grimwood Associates.
Step 3. 30 in-depth interviews with members and non-members - testing reaction to various propositions; results analysed.
Step 4. Shortlist of propositions promoted in Gazette and feedback encouraged via web survey - 60 responses.
Step 5. Results analysed.
Step 6. Creative development of new concept based on the results.

(Reported in Library and Information Gazette, 20/10/2006)

Earlier this year, due to a shortage of cash, CILIP HQ had to lay off staff. It's good to see that they are using what they have left to good effect. 'CILIP membership: an investment in the school fees of the children of Grimwood Associates children'.



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