Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm not claiming that the government deliberately let these detainees escape to divert attention from embarrassing Government fuckwittery and dodgy moves, but even on Newsnight last night the Government, with the willing help of the BBC, was framing this as being because pesky campaigners and rebel MPs weren't letting them be as beastly to people as they wanted to be. There will be changes made. Perhaps they'll use iron masks for all detainees?

It is worth remembering that David Blunkett has admitted to being clinically depressed while in office. As has Alistair Campbell. Yet it was not considered worrying that they should continue in two senior posts in the British Government at this time? Did no-one around Campbell who knew about this think it might have had an effect in the events leading up to the Hutton Whitewash?

The Times is claiming that the Government intends to punish sick people for voting against the Government. Well, what is the point of having the power if you don't misuse it?

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